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1)        Papers must be submitted in English, French or German having (if possible) an even number of pages.

2)    For papers writing it is recommended the use of the text processor WINWORD and of the template Model.doc to be found on the journal site.

3)   The papers will be submitted in two copies together with a copy on magnetic support. The papers may also be sending by e-mail at one of the following addresses:;;

4)  The papers will be reviewed by two specialty scientific referents which are professors, lecturers or researchers, well known in their domains of activity.

5)    The papers will be send back to the authors for corrections if:
- the instructions presented in Model.doc are not respected
- the figures, pictures or tables are not contained in the text

6)    The papers will be rejected if their scientific content is not adequate, if they don't contain original elements and if they are not properly written in English, French or German.

7)     The bibliography must show the authors adequate documentation.

8)   The whole responsibility for the calculi exactitude, experimental data, scientific affirmation and paper translation belongs to the authors.

9)   The authors will declare on their own responsibility that the article or parts of it were not published before in others magazines.

10)   It is mandatory that the authors respect the Copyright laws.

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