Note for the authors  

  • 1. Papers must be submitted in English, French or German having compulsorily an even number of pages (maximum 10 - 12 pages).
  • 2. For papers writing it is recommended the use of the text processor WINWORD and of the template, which can be found below.
  • 3. The papers will be compulsorily submitted on line on our journal's web site:
  • 4. The papers will be reviewed by two specialty scientific reviewers, well-known in their domains of activity.
  • 5. The papers will be send back to the authors for corrections if:
  • - the instructions presented in Model.doc or tex and bulletinUPB.sty are not respected
    - the figures, pictures or tables are not contained in the text
    - the reviewers require modifications or supplementary information.
  • 6. The papers will be rejected if their scientific content is not adequate, if they don’t contain original elements and if they are not properly written in English, French or German.
  • 7. The bibliography must show the authors adequate documentation.
  • 8. The whole responsibility for the calcul exactitude, experimental data, scientific affirmation and paper translation belongs to the authors.
  • 9. The authors will declare on their own responsibility that the article or parts of it were not published before in others journals.
  • 10. It is mandatory that the authors respect the Copyright laws.
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