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   In March 1929, in Bucharest, the first number of the journal “Bulletin de Mathématiques et de Physique pures et appliquées de l’Ecole Polytechnique Roi Carol II” was publishing - in accordance with the wishes of the publishing board – especially the results of the original researchers of the teaching staff. At that time it was the third journal of that profile in the country.
   In the very first issue in spite of its seemingly tight title, the bulletin included not only mathematics and physics notes and articles, but also articles belonging to the other school technical branches.
  In the beginning, the journal technical level was enhanced due to the contribution of many renowned scientists, such as E. Abason, A. Avramescu,     D. Barbilian (I. Barbu), A. Beleş, C. Budeanu, E. Carafoli, N. Ciorănescu,          G.G. Constantinescu, Welton Crook, S. Froda, D. Germani, I. Gheorghiu,           M. Ghermănescu, Harold Hilton, A. Ioachimescu, M. Manoilescu, Gh. Mihoc,    Gr. Moisil, Tr. Negrescu, C. Neniţescu, O. Onicescu, D. Pavel, D. Pompeiu,       Al. Proca, Gh. Simionescu, Ş. Solacolu, T. Tănăsescu, N. Vasilescu – Karpen,   V. Vâlcovici.
   The journal very fast compelled recognition, becoming world wide renowned, thus granting many publication exchanges with schools and academies, publishing houses, libraries and other concerned institutions.
Extending the bulletin tradition, the journal enhanced perpetually its scientific level adding to the renown of the school.
   In time, the journal had different names: Bulletin de mathématiques et de Physique pures et appliquées de l’École Polytéchnique (1929 – 1940), Buletinul Politehnicei din Bucureşti (1941 – 1954), Buletinul Institutului Politehnic Bucureşti (1955 – 1989), University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest Scientific Bulletin (1992 – present).
   Now, the Scientific Bulletin journal includes 4 series: A series: Applied Mathematics and Physics, B series: Chemistry and Material Science, C series: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and D series: Mechanical Engineering.
   The journal “Scientific Bulletin” is the business card of our University and its purpose is to travel across the national and the international university environments for promoting the results of the scientific research undertaken by the professors of the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest.
   Along 190 years of existence, UPB represents one of the fundamental and prestigious institutions of the    Romanian tertiary education, being the main source for the technical specialists of Romania. In the recent classification of the Romanian universities, our university is the first as far as the scientific production is concerned.
   The journal is a quarterly periodical.
   Each submitted paper is reviewed by two referees. A paper must have two favorable reviews in order to be published. The editorial board of each series includes UPB professors, some of them belonging to the Romanian Academy, the Technical Science Academy in Romania, and the Academy of Romanian Scientists, as well as professors from foreign universities.
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